Otago Polytechnic University gets ready high bore, revolves around callings work. Graduates are supported for high cutoff, availability and reliably future willing. 3 grounds all through New Zealand is Dunedin, Otago and Auckland Central.

The school is a polytechnic school and driving development, and a position first class in New Zealand.

The school’s affirmations are internationally seen and the school has shown up at the best examinations of the New Zealand Qualifications Department of guidance – so understudies can totally sure about the idea of their learning .

Various this school speakers are pros in the business and understudies become acquainted with the most invigorated data on them similarly as adventure their relationship with the business. Little class size tells teachers each understudy and understudy academic chance, take in , examine and gain from instructors in an extraordinary atmosphere.

The cost of the typical utilization (reference) and instructive expense in Otago Polytechnic University 2018:

School: NZ $21,410/Year

Pro: NZ $25,710/Year

Normal expense for fundamental things: NZ $12,012/Year

Cost of living arrangement: NZ $5,720/Year

The awards program of the Otago Polytechnic University 2018:

Foundation Studies Scholarships

Award regard: This Scholarship qualifies the recipient for a NZ $1500 consistently decline in course expenses for a full-time, whole year program, or NZ $750 for a full-time, one-semester program.

Award requirements:

Available to all understudies who stairwell from a Certificate in Foundation Studies program (Level 2, 3,4) to an expert program at Level 4 or above.

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